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* Broiled glazed bacon wrapped shrimp w/ or w/o water chestnuts

* Fried glazed bacon wrapped shrimp w/ or w/o water chestnuts

* Fried jumbo butterflied shrimp, Fried popcorn shrimp

* Fried stuffed shrimp

* Shrimp boulettes

* Shrimp creole with rice

* Shrimp etouffee with rice

* BBQ shrimp (peel on) with rice

* Shrimp scampi with angel hair

* Shrimp and grits- typically served in martini glasses

* Jack Daniels shrimp with spinach bacon salad

* Shrimp stew with rice

* Shrimp au gratin

* Brie wedge with Jack Daniels shrimp

* Shrimp jambalaya

* Shrimp and okra gumbo

* Shrimp and corn soup

* Lemon glazed shrimp tempura (fried)

* Coconut glazed shrimp tempura (fried)

* Honey glazed shrimp tempura (fried)

* Spicy apricot glazed shrimp and fruit skewers

* Grilled shrimp, onion, bell pepper skewers

* Grilled shrimp (salad and sandwich style)

* Shrimp remoulade

* Boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce

* Lemon shrimp

* Shrimp and Tasso Pasta


* Bronzed tilapia filets

* Baked tilapia with spicy crab stuffing

* Golden fried tilapia strips

* Southern fried catfish

* Fried whole catfish filets

* Broiled whole flounder with spicy crab stuffing

* Fried whole flounder with spicy crab stuffing

* Smoked salmon with condiments and dill crustini

* Poached or grilled salmon steaks with saffron rice

* Marinated grilled tuna steak with raspberry dipper

* Grilled tuna steak salad

* Redfish courtboiullion

* Tilapia with creamy mushroom sauce

* Catfish rolls with spinach ricotta stuffing and creamy crab sauce

* Golden fried trout almondine

* Grilled salmon patties or croquettes (or fried)


* Spicy grilled crab caked with remoulade or bearnase sauce

* Pan style crab quiche with etouffe sauce

* Stuffed crabs

* Fried soft shell crabs (regular or buster)

* Flat-grilled Italian breaded buster crabs with honey pecan sauce

* Spicy crab stuffed mushrooms

* Crab stuffed flounder

* Creamy crab soup

* Crab deviled eggs

* Crab and potato gratin

* Crab au gratin

* Creamy crab and spinach soup

* Marinated or Fried crab claws

* Hot crab mornay

* Hot cream cheese and crab dip

* White lump crab meat and bearnaise sauce topping for steak

* Spicy crab stuffed bouchees

* Stuffed Spicy Crab Mushrooms

Other Meats




* Venison Sausage

* Leg of Lamb with Mint

* Lamb Chops, Grilled w/ Butter, Lemon, Garlic, Worcestershire, & Mint

* Marinated Duck Breast (Grilled or Roasted) Carved & Sliced

* Almond Duck Strips w/ Asian Ginger Sauce

* Duck Quesadillas w/ Teriyaki

* Duck and Andouillie Gumbo

* Veal-Paneed’ Breaded Cutlets

* Stuffed Veal Chops

* Orange Glaze Veal Roast


* Turtle Sauce Picante’

* Turtle Soup

* Fried Alligator

* Fried Calamari

* Fried Oysters

* Fried Bacon Wrapped Oysters

* Oysters Rockefeller

* Oysters Florentine

* Raw Oysters on the Half Shell *

* Sushi & Sashimi *

Note: Although every safety and sanitary precaution is observed when preparing uncooked or under-cooked seafood, consuming said seafood can be a health issue to certain individuals. Eat at your own risk.


* Chicken Parmesan

* Eggplant Parmesan

* Eggplant Fritters

* Baked Lasagna; Meat, Florentine, Veggie, Seafood

* Italian Sausage & Italian Meatballs Marinara w/ Spaghetti

* Stuffed Manicotti; Meat, Florentine, Cheese

* Shrimp Scampi w/ Angel Hair

* Italian Chicken Beasts w/ Honey Pecan or Marinara

* Italian Cream Cake

* Lemon Berry Marscarpone

* New York Cheesecake

* Sugar Free New York Cheesecake

* Turtle Cheesecake

* Tiramisu


* Gumbo; Chicken/Sausage, Seafood (w/ or w/o Andouillie), Duck Andouillie

* Jambalaya; Chicken/Sausage or Seafood

* Shrimp Creole

* Etouffee; Crawfish, Shrimp, Seafood

* Shrimp Boulettes w/ White Beans and Rice

* Crawfish Madeline

* Magnolia; Crawfish or Seafood

* Crawfish Pies

* Stuffed Crabs

* Fried Soft Shell Crabs

* Fried Seafood Platters

* Boiled Seafood (Seasonal)